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Nearly 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing have created a durable extension arm for you

Since 2001 began to develop excavators extended arm, with strong technical force, the essence of the production equipment, perfect manufacturing process, strict quality control to provide you with high quality guaranteed product;
We are constantly innovating and leading the industry.
Has been imitated, never been surpassed.
We can tailor our products according to your requirements. We can provide technical advice and design plan for you.
Our professional technology products include excavators standard big forearm, enhanced forearm, two sections of extended arm, a three-stage extended arm (arm), split, catch feeder, pile driver extended arm extended arm, telescopic boom, standard scoop, enhanced dig digging bucket, rock type, quick change connectors, the plum blossom claw, grasp wood, stone, fork claws, fighting, bei dou, clean bucket, tilt bucket, single hook, pile hammer, vibration crack earthenware, rammer, hydraulic shears, crushing forceps etc.
Adapted to all kinds of excavators, welcome to visit the guide!


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