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Automatic welding machine of large small arm of excavator

Our large arms are welded with automatic welding machine
Our large arms are welded by automatic welding machine. The biggest difference between automatic welding and manual welding is stability, and the stability of mechanical control is far greater than that of manual manipulation.

In the process of the manual welding process, the human being in the control welding process of the arc, the arc, the welding trajectory is easy to produce the pores, cracks, and unmelted defects in the welding parts. , of course, for the old welder Lao shifu, welding technical skills can surpass the quality of welding to welding automation, just in terms of process, people will be affected by external factors, physical factors, such as mental state, and guide to the welding is not accurate, is not stable, lead to weld forming is not good.

The automatic welding technology of the production process, the arc burning stability, connecting components uniform, good weld forming, less weld joint, the filler metal deposition rate is high, the arc trajectory uniform fine, ensure welding quality improvement and implementation. Automatic welding directly improves product quality has obvious advantages. In many large long arm processing, we use automatic welding process to improve the quality of extended arm.


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